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Held in conjunction with the 16th IASBS European Branch Conference
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Please pay in advance through the Pay Point Page @ chomonhouse.org
The 17th European Shin Conference took place in the Southampton Solent University Conference Centre back in 2014. Since then, this part of the city has been redeveloped to become its new Cultural Quarter, including the construction of the prestigious Spark building; the new home for the SSU Conference Centre and venue for talks presented (in English) at ESC19 by delegates from all parts of Europe, alongside presentations from some of our Dharma brothers and sisters from Japan, the USA and South America.


In this Shin Buddhist Ceremony, performed before the alter of Amida Buddha and Shinran Shonin, one takes the important step of affirming one's reverence for the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and ones determination to tread the path to Buddhahood.

Shin Buddhism (Jodo Shinshu/Pure Land) it is the Buddhist path of great compassion clarified by Shinran Shonin. Shinran Shonin teaches that Sakyamuni appeared in this world in order to reveal the Vow of Amida Buddha to save all beings; it is the salvation of all people by Amida Buddha that is Sakyamuni's fundamental teaching.

The Confirmation Ceremony in Shin Buddhism, therefore, shares a common meaning with the precept of the three refuges administered in the time of Sakyamuni Buddha, but it also has a special meaning. In the Confirmation Ceremony, the Buddha of the three refuges is not simply Sakyamuni, but refers especially to Amida Buddha who is at the heart of Sakyamuni's teachings.

Sakyamuni came into the world to teach the Vow of Amida Buddha, and our salvation is brought about by Amida. Thus, "Dharma" is the teaching of Amida's compassionate working to save all beings, and "Sangha" refers to the people that have entrusted themselves to Amida.

Since there are no precepts in Shin Buddhism, instead of receiving the precepts of the three treasures, one participates in the Confirmation Ceremony.

On participating in the Confirmation Ceremony, one receives a Buddhist name (homyo). These names are in the form of "Shaku" which means "disciple of Sakyamuni", and this is followed by a name/homyo made up of two syllables which are normally taken from a Jodo Shinshu sutra or chant. The Kikyoshiki Ceremony 'confirms' that the individual has joined the followers of the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha, a community that transcends race and nationality.

IABC Support Grant - for participation in the
Kikyoshiki Ceremony at ESC19

As a part of its ongoing support of the members of large or small Shin Sangha's across Europe, the IABC generously offers a support grant to cover up to 50% of the travel and accommodation costs to those who would like to attend ESC19 and participate in in the Kikyoshiki Ceremony.

Click/tap here to Download IABC Kikyoshiki Support Grant Application Form

Traditionally, in order to participate in Kikyoshiki Ceremony the candidate makes a ‘free will’ donation or commissioning fee (myogakin) to the Mother Temple (Honzan) of 10,000 yen. However, as a part of the IABC's generous support of ESC19 this charge is reduced by 50%, bringing the cost down to just £35.

Completed Kikyoshiki Support Grant Application Forms must be either emailed or posted directly to the IABC in Kyoto, Japan before 18th May 2018.

The organisers respectfully request that all attendees, including all of those intending to apply for some kind of support grant, please purchase their conference tickets or pay the £35 ‘free will’ donation for kikyoshiki participation in advance through the Pay Point Page @ www.chomonhouse.org. You can make this payment anytime between now and the 17th of August 2018.

To arrange advance payment by PayPal, cheque in the post or, in exceptional cases, by cash on cheque arrival, please phone 02380 837145, write to Chomon House (ESC19), 6 Southcliff Road, Southampton SO14 6FH or email esc19@purelandnotes.com.

Note. The IABC cannot pay support grants in advance of your arrival at the conference. A representative of the IABC will however be present throughout the conference to hand over the total awarded amount to successful applicants in person.

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