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PLN has been produced in house at Chomon House, the headquarters of the Shin Buddhist Fellowship UK, and made available by postal delivery as a 20 page A5 hard copy booklet since 2008, continuing the form of communication initiated by our forebarers, the Pure Land Buddhist Fellowship, founded in the late 1970's by Jack Austin and Rev Hisao Inagaki. Read more

Annual subscription to 4 issues of PLN is only £15 UK, £17.50 Europe/Mid East, £20 USA/Far East inc. p&p.

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To subscribe by post to PLN hard-copy please send your name and address and a cheque or postal order made payable to THE SHIN BUDDHIST FELLOWSHIP UK (or SBFUK) to: Pure Land Notes, Chomon House, 6 Southcliff Road, Southampton SO14 6FH.

While the majority of members of the SBFUK do still prefer to have the hard copy delivered by post to their home address, requests for an electronic version for smart-phones and mobile devices have gradually increased - and in response to this we can now provide this electronic version of the journal called "PLN-e-type".

Cost of annual subscription (four consecutive issues) to the PLN-e-type is only £10.

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In 2014, and organised by Chomon House and the SBFUK, the 17th biennial (one every two years) European Shin Buddhist Conference came to Southampton and was held in the UK for only the second time in its 38-year history. Next, in August 2016, ESC18 took place in the great city of Antwerp in Belgium - and since then it has been decided that the ESC will come to Southampton again in 2018!

Back in 2014 the main venue for ESC17was the Solent University Conference Centre in Above Bar Street. Since then this whole area has been redeveloped to become the city's new Cultural Quarter, and this also involved the constructing of a magnificent new conference centre in an impressive new building called 'the Spark' located alongside the Solent University main East Park Terrace campus.

Most of the 80+ ESC17 conference attendees took advantage of a special discount deal that Chomon House negotiated with the Jury's Inn hotel. Jury's Inn is just a few minutes' walk from the Spark building and we hope to negotiate a similar deal this time around. We can now also recommend the cheaper Premier Inn hotel which is even closer to the Spark building.

Sites of interest connected with ESC19 are indicated by underlined text (as above), but as the conference draws nearer a full-blow ESC19 sub-site grow out from this link here on the homepage.

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A Selection (1from8) of pieces from PLN 27 - JAN 2016
"Not Flourishing" Sazio Inagaki to Jack Austin in 1971

A selection (2from8) of pieces from PLN 26 - OCT 2015
Horai. Shaking the Dharma World. Rev Haiso Inagaki
The Melting Duck Egg Meditation. Daichi Gary Robinson

A selection (1from8) of pieces from PLN 25 - JULY 2015
Bodhisattvas Abounding. Steve Lane

A selection (5from9) of pieces from PLN 24 - APR 2015
On the Rewards of Doing Nothing. Marcus Cumberledge
Ananda's Shinjin. Shaku Kekai
Existence & Reality & Mystery of the Nembutsu. S. Lane
The Earth and the Tree. Daichi Gary Robinson
En Mei Juku Kannon Gyo. Rev Daichi Gary Robinson

A selection (4from8) of pieces from PLN 23 - JAN 2015
PLN23 Editorial.
Rev Daichi Gary Robinson
Book Review. Title: Listening to the Light, Author: Jim Pym
Suffering- and - How Lucky I Am. Steve Lane

Obituary. Rev Ganshin Rock

A selection (4from7) of pieces from PLN22 - OCT 2014
PLN22 Editorial. Rev Daichi Gary Robinson
Message on Retirement. Ohtani Koshin, Monshu, Jodo Shinshu, Hongwanji-ha
Succesion of Jodo Shinshu Tradition. Ohtani Kojun, Monshu, Jodo Shinshu, Hongwanji-ha
I Bite my Nails. Steve Lane

This is the PLN HOME PAGE 
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