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The Tannisho Today
Rev Tairyu Furukawa March 1996
On Meditation
Vaughan Evans May 1995
From Blood to Rocks
Geoff Carpenter March 1996
Rev John Paraskevopoulos March 1996
The Meaning of Kikyoshiki
Hongwangi International CentreSeptember 1996
The Shin Buddhist Way
Rev Jack Austin September 1996
A Sutra of Healing and Protection
Tricycle Publications March 1996
Rules for Being Human
Unknown September 1996
Sallea Ungar September 1996
The Importance of Self Effort
Joren MacDonald September 1997
Self Power and Other Power Play Together
David Brazier
September 1997
Faith in What?
Ajahn Sumedho (summerised by Max Flisher) Sep 1997
The Myokonin
Friedrich Fenzl September 1997
Toshio Murakami September 1997


Lantern Festival Feb. 2002 here in our Southampton dojo and shrine room

Chanting and Dharma Talks in audio and text format
audio files [mp3] - chanting
Taking Refuge in Buddha Dharma Sangha
Chanting of the Kannon Sutra
108 Repetitions of the Buddhas Name
Praises of the Buddha in original form
audio files [mp3] - speaking
Enmei Juku Kannon Gyo chant origins
Short Dharma Talk (Gary) Part 1
Short Dharma Talk (Gary) Part 2
Dharma Talk by Jim Pym Click for synopsis
Sambutsugi translated into English
text support web pages
SAMBUTSUGE/Praises of the Buddha
Praises of the Buddha
Ten Phrase Life Prolonging Kannon Sutra
Short Dharma Talk Part 1 and 2 unabridged
Taking Refuge in Buddha Dharma Sangha


The first full moon following the first new/dark moon of the new year is celebrated as the Lantern Festival.
The recordings featured above were made then - though only as a fortunate accident and as consequence of the event being part of a live web-cast.



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Buddha Dharma Study Notes
1. The Four Noble Truths
2. The Nobel Eightfold Way
Further Study of the First Truth
3a. Three Aspects
3b. Suffering and Self View
3c. Denial of Suffering
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The Three Jewels
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Saying the Name
"Enmei Juku Kannon" Gyo
The Three Jewels @ wikipedia.org
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On Faith in the Heart
Ven. Myokyo-ni Obituary